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Note: For those that don't know him he is Midge's son. I don't know how many of these he has but was awarded one last year, too.

Fri, 07/21/2017

[Kenneth C. Hylton]

Kenneth C. Hylton has been selected by the The American Legion, Department of Indiana to receive the 2017 Distinguished Service Award.

Every year the American Legion, Department of Indiana seeks to recognize those Legionnaires who have contributed significantly to the organization through their service to The American Legion and the State of Indiana.

Hylton is a member of the St. Joseph Post 464 in St. Leon. He has dedicated more than four decades of service to the American Legion. He earned his eligibility while serving in the United States Army during Vietnam.

He has served in several offices at the post, including post commander and membership chairman. He has also held several offices at the district level where he was elected the 9th District Commander in 1996.

He was appointed national commanderís representative for the national Children and Youth Commission in 2007, and for nearly eight years, he has been the veteranís service officer in Ripley County. Hylton retired from the United States Postal Service after a 33-year career Dec.1, 2006.

Hylton has served as chairman of all four Department of Indiana commissions, which led to his election as Department Commander in the 2014-15 command year. He also has been a member of the department strategic planning committee and currently represents the Department as a commissioner on the Indiana Veterans Affairs Commission appointed by the governor of Indiana.

The American Legion is comprised of more than 77,000 military service veterans who have served honorably during times of conflict in defense of their nation and has been active within Indiana since 1919. The Indiana American Legion has represented veterans from every major conflict since World War II to Iraq and Afghanistan within its membership.